Mission Statement

The mission of JEMH is to be a global leader in the innovation of the art form of storytelling to the world through current and emerging media technological advancements for the preservation of information for all generations.

Areas of Service


Digital Platform integration

Uses of multimedia platforms to perform various business functions for audience-centric products and services for internal and external customers

Digital Publishing

Interactive experience in published content for distribution, monetization and optimization for media and business entities

Interactive development/productions

Creating cutting edge user input participation and experience thorough media applications and systems like collective intelligence, immersive virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), real reality (RR), cinematic reality (CR), cross reality (XR), distributed virtual environments, interactive advertising and cinema

digital Broadcasting: Cable, Film, Radio, WEB & Mobile

Development and implementation of TVE, OTT and VOD/AOD platforms for target niche markets. Our digital solutions target phones, tablets, Set Top Boxes, streaming dongles, DVD Players, Smart TVs, and more for monetization.

Media Technology & management

Development and management of cost-effective solutions in media and digital media technology in the following fields: film, television, cable, mobile, digital and virtual reality


Development and implementation of self-evolving, digital ecosystems centered around digital media preservation with the ability and  option to apply a monetization and optimization conversion to desired platforms